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# Elden Ring: Unlock the Power of Legendary Talismans

Talismans are frequently used in video games as magical items that confer special abilities or enhance player stats. The highly anticipated action role-playing game, Elden Ring, features several such talismans that can give players a strategic edge in battles. In this medical blog post, we will explore the various legendary talismans present in Elden Ring and discuss the locations where players can locate them.

## What are Talismans in Elden Ring?

Talismans are magical items in Elden Ring that grant various special abilities, such as increased stamina or resistance to certain types of damage. Each talisman has a unique appearance and effect, and they can be categorized into four groups: defensive, offensive, healing, and utility talismans.

Defensive talismans provide additional defenses, resistances, or absorption to the player, while offensive talismans empower players with lightning-fast attacks or devastating force-sharing weapons. Healing talismans help to heal players’ characters, while Utility talismans can be used to buff gameplay.

## The Legendary Talismans in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features a total of 21 legendary talismans, each with its unique benefits. The following is an overview of some of the most popular talismans found in the game.

### The Compassion Talisman

The Compassion Talisman is a healing talisman that heals players over time. It can be found in the Dragon’s Watchtower and can be used to restore health points during grueling battles, providing players with a safety boost.

### The Dragon-Heart Talisman

The Dragon-Heart Talisman is a defensive talisman that increases the player’s resistance to magic attacks. Players can find this talisman by defeating the Dragon’s Pact boss.

### The Stormheart Talisman

The Stormheart Talisman is an offensive talisman that imbues the player’s weapons with electricity, meaning that attacks dealt will shock and electrocute the opponent, reducing their HP. Players can find this talisman in the Way Among Storms, which will make attacking enemies with Lightning even easier than before.

### The Illuminated Talisman

The Illuminated Talisman is a utility talisman that grants significant boosts to the player’s speed and control. Players can find this talisman in the Nether Mountains, and it’s essential as it allows players to move more effortlessly and quickly through the game’s many areas.

### The Lion’s Roar Talisman

The Lion’s Roar Talisman is an offensive talisman that sends out shockwaves of thunder on the ground, dealing a lot of damage to enemies in a wide range. Players can find this talisman in the Shadow Cave, making it an essential asset for taking down tough enemy groups.

## Where to Find Legendary Talismans

Legendary Talismans in Elden Rings cannot be found randomly, as they’re located at specific locations. Players must first defeat bosses or complete certain quests to acquire this gear. For instance, the Dragon-Heart Talisman is located in the Dragon’s Pact area, and players must defeat the boss there to get it.

Likewise, the Compassion Talisman is situated in the Dragon’s Watchtower. Players must follow below the tower to retrieve this talisman.

Without tracking down the requisite talismans, it’s challenging to progress through the game’s campaign due to its challenging difficulty level.

## Conclusion

Elden Ring’s many legendary talismans can provide players with significant benefits, and players can use this guide to identify where and how to retrieve them. Players must locate them during the game to use them successfully against the tough enemies that appear in the game. As with any role-playing game, the right equipment is essential, and Elden Ring’s legendary talismans offer an excellent way to gain the edge you need to be successful.

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