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Magic Crystal is one of the most important resources that can help you level up faster in the game. Understanding the Magic Points required to unlock a Magic Crystal is crucial in prioritizing your resources and leveling up your character efficiently.

Here are some tips that will help you understand the Magic Points required to unlock a Magic Crystal:

1. Farming Areas

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Farming areas are where you can obtain Magic Crystals. The higher the grade of a farming area, the more likely it is to drop higher-grade crystals. The best places to farm for crystals are Valencia and Kamasylvia, as they have a higher drop rate of high-grade crystals.

2. Enhancement Levels

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The Enhancement levels determine how many Magic Points are required to unlock a specific crystal grade. Higher-grade crystals require more points to be unlocked than lower-grade ones. So, if you want to unlock high-grade crystals, make sure you have enough points saved up.

3. Knowledge Points

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Knowledge Points are earned by discovering new creatures and places in the game world. These points can be used to unlock additional effects on your Magic Crystals which can boost your character’s attributes even further.

4. Alchemy Stone of Life

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The Alchemy Stone of Life is an item that gives bonus EXP and improves your farming rate, but it also consumes Magic Points when used. Make sure you don’t use too much of it as this will drain your magic point reserves quickly.

5. Enhancing Your Gear

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Enhancing your gear requires magic points as well, so try not to spend all of them on unlocking crystals if possible and save some for later.


In conclusion, understanding how many Magic Points are needed to unlock each crystal grade is important in planning out your character’s progression path efficiently and effectively. Utilize these tips and techniques during gameplay for optimal results!

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