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Japan and China are two Asian countries that have a long history and cultures that can be distinguished by their unique features. One of the most obvious differences is the physical appearance of the people. This article will compare the facial features of Japanese and Chinese people.

Chinese Eyes | Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons

Japanese Eyes Vs. Chinese Eyes: What Is The Difference? – Viva Differences

Japanese Features:

The Japanese are known to have a unique look that is distinctive from other East Asian countries. The most common Japanese feature is their round eyes, which are usually almond-shaped with double eyelids. Many Japanese women commonly use makeup to enhance their eyes by applying a thin line above their eyelashes called “eyeliner.”

Another prominent feature of Japanese people is their pale skin tone. They prefer to keep their skin light and avoid exposure to sunlight, resulting in fewer wrinkles and smoother aging.

Interestingly, round faces with high cheekbones are also common among Japanese people. This type of face shape gives them a cute and youthful look, which many find attractive.

Chinese Eyes | Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons

Chinese Features:

Distinctly different from the Japanese appearance, Chinese faces often feature thinner lips, sharper noses, and more prominent cheekbones. The shape of the eye is also different than that of the Japanese- typically smaller and slanted upward at an angle with a single eyelid or no crease at all.

Chinese beauty standards focus on having flawless skin as well; however, they prefer having tanned skin rather than pale skin like their neighboring country Japan. A tan complexion remains associated with wealth because only those who worked outside during ancient times were able to obtain such coloring since they had access to leisure activities instead of laboring indoors all day.

Chinese Eyes Vs Japanese Eyes

Additionally, unlike in Japan where rounded cheeks are popular, in China it’s more desirable for one’s face to be oval-shaped or elongated โ€“ symbolizing refinement and nobility.

Chinese Eyes | Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons


In conclusion, there are some notable distinctions between physical traits among both Japanese and Chinese populations despite them being from neighboring countries in East Asia. Japanese features are typically defined by round eyes, pale skin and chubby cheeks while Chinese features include thinner lips, upward-slanting eyes with prominent cheekbones and an oval or elongated face shape. Although physical appearance is just one aspect of a culture, it can provide insight into the identity and values of a particular group of people.

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