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2000 Pokemon Neo 3 Japanese Jumpluff Holo 189 PSA Graded 9 Mint Values …


If you are a collector of rare and beautiful trading cards, you need to know about the captivating Japanese Jumpluff Holo Card. This highly sought-after collectible is a must-have for any serious trading card enthusiast. In this article, we will dive into the details of this stunning card, explore its features and qualities, and discuss why it has become such a popular item among collectors.

List of Features:

1. Rarity

Jumpluff HOLO Neo Genesis Japanese No.189 Rare Pokemon Card – MINT | eBay

The Japanese Jumpluff Holo Card is an extremely rare collectible that is highly sought-after by collectors worldwide.

2. Artistic Design

Jumpluff – #189 Japanese Neo 3 – PSA 9 Holo MINT

The card features stunning artwork that captures the essence of its subject matter.

3. High-Quality Holographic Foil

Exclusive, high-quality Holo Rare New Pokemon Jumpluff -004/203 …

The holographic foil adds depth and dimension to the card’s design, making it even more visually appealing.

4. Versatility

Pokemon Price – 2000 Neo Genesis Jumpluff Holo

The card is flexible enough to be used in many different types of decks, making it a valuable asset for competitive players.

Why It’s So Popular:

The Japanese Jumpluff Holo Card has captured the hearts of many collectors due to its unique combination of rarity, beauty, and versatility. Collectors enjoy owning such an incredibly rare item that showcases such impressive artwork and design elements. Its use in various decks also makes it an attractive option for competitive players who want to add an element of uniqueness to their game.


The Japanese Jumpluff Holo Card is a captivating trading card collectible that appeals to both casual and serious collectors alike. Its rarity, artistic design, high-quality holographic foil, and gameplay flexibility make it stand out among other popular cards on the market. Whether you’re looking for an investment piece or just a beautiful addition to your collection, the Japanese Jumpluff Holo Card is definitely worth considering as your next acquisition.

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