Hanged Man Tour!


Sept. 7 - Lewes, East Sussex @ Zu Studios
7 Phoenix Place, BN72QJ Lewes, East Sussex - 1-9pm

Sept. 8 - Manchester @ Middleton Arena
Corporation St. Manchester M24 1AG - £45 admission

Sept. 11 - Birmingham, West Midlands @ The New Billesley (Truthjuice)
8:00pm - £5 or £3 Concessions
Directions: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Kings+Heath%2CBirmingham+%7C+West+Midlands%2CUK

Sept. 13 - Hereford

Sept. 14/16 - Hailsham, East Sussex @ Over the Moon Festival

Sept. 20 - Bristol - The College Project @ Truthjuice
Marksbury Rd, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5JJ - 7:00pm
£5 on the door, £3 (Concessions)
Vegan food available + hot & cold drinks - free parking
@ ‘The College Project’ http://www.artspacecollege.com/

Sept. 22 - Leicester @ TBA

Sept. 24 - Glastonbury, Somerset @ The Assembly Rooms (Ripple Effects)
1pm until 9pm £30 (conc £25)
FB event: http://www.facebook.com/events/412533975470224/

Sept. 29 - London - TBA
Sept. 30 - London - TBA




The new Talismanic Idols website has arrived.


Hello everyone. There are some amazing events coming up this summer and into the fall.  Ben will be giving presentations in Sweden and Israel with Anais Amar for the Deep in Your Art project.  This project focuses on the fundamental relationship between who you think you are and who you truly are.  Anais' teachings express the body's ability to respond with intuition rather than instinctively from subconscious patterns.  Her methods are best described as intuitive movement or dance, however the simplicity of her methods cannot be put into words.  

Our body reflects good health when we use it consciously.  However, more to the point of DYA, our body reflects exactly what ails our body.  The stressors and toxicity of our psyche is held in the body as muscle tension, inflexibility, brittle or calcified bones, rigidity in the spine and neck, pinched nerves, spasms, and overall muscular/skeletal discomfort.  Our repressed emotions are held in the organs as undigested energy.  Anais' teachings allow us to relax the body with movements in order to consciously choose to acknowledge, and therefor ungrip the psychological content that excellerates aging and degrades the health of the body.  

Ben's presentation is based around bringing our awareness into everyday behavior in order to show how we unconsciously contribute to the condition of society.  Every word we utter, every thought we have, and every emotion is a reflection of our over complicated perception.  When we over complicate our perception, we stress our body into over compensating for a threat that doesn't even exist.  In essence, Ben shows us that the pinnacle of our intelligence is in fact the controlling power above all political, religious, and socio-economic corruption.  The manner in which we perceive every impression from the outside world moment by moment has a materialized twin in our life.  When we consciously choose the quality of our perception we will then see clearly the esoteric agenda that shapes our government and media into the machine it has become.  

The overall mission of DYA is to illuminate the manner in which we lie to ourselves rather than to eliminate the lie and therefore remove the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.  Should we underestimate the importance of the simple maintenance of our body and psyche, the inevitable result is disease in all of it's forms.  Please join us.  There are only three workshops currently booked:  Two in Sweden between May 25th-30th, and one in Israel June 8-10.


...every penny goes towards the promotion and production of our films, and is greatly appreciated!