Simple Guidelines Before Considering Breast Augmentation


Women nowadays are very particular in looking good in front of the mirror. They are very much willing to give everything even to pay a thousand dollars just to look acceptable in the eye of the society. Here, women became very adventurous in giving their body the curves that they want. One here is through the plastic surgery, and to be specific, there is the so called breast augmentation. This is when you want to have the perfect figure, and the exact proportion of your breasts that will go along with the shape of your body.

Girls love to have a fitting shirts that are looking hot and sexy. Most especially the women that are aging, their breasts are going saggy and that’s undesirable for them. The shape of the breasts may also be affected if you just gave birth, even weight loss, and the side effects of some medications, in order for you to restore the desired shape of your breasts, you might need to have this breast augmentation process.

breastImplantsPlacementThere  are a lot of terms used in breasts augmentation, the breast lift or the breast revision. No matter what you call this, you must know some guidelines that will show you how to have a proper care with your breasts even how reputable the doctor would be.

This time, you will know about the criteria if you are fit enough to undergo this augmentation process on your breast. If you find your breasts too tiny that it affects your confidence and sex appeal, like in summer occasions where girls are looking great with their swimsuit, and your shirts look so loose, this might be a great opportunity for you.

You must also be aware of what you are getting into.  You must be aware that you are going to undergo an operation and must choose the right surgeon that will give you satisfaction with the result. A long time result that will not cause you any health problems and regrets, though this is proven effective and will offer you a long term satisfaction, your insecurities will gone, and you already have that perfect figure you wish for, yet there are consequences that you will take if you are not doing the proper care after it.

patient3Proper monitoring by the surgeon will make the things lighter in your part. When you have a regular check -up, your breasts will be given the needed supervision and follow up medications that will not create any bad impact to your body. Always be aware also that any implants done with your body must have to be replaced for the materials used may be deteriorate and may cause some trouble inside your body. These are just a warning for you to take extra care, there is nothing wrong with this augmentation though you just have to be very particular for the maintenance.

Beauty is based on your own perspective. Nothing wrong for any improvement that you are doing with it yet, your body is a fragile being and is very unique. You must not harm it in anyway, most especially with things that will harm your health. Breast augmentation is safe and had proven to satisfy many women for many decades.

This is how science and technology has done to change the lives of the modern women, the privilege to enjoy an instant beauty. Your money will have the value it deserves for successful breast augmentation will give you the lifetime confidence and will boost your self-esteem. Get that instant curves now and be ready to wear all the swimwear you want.

Everything You Ought To Know About Modern Breast Enlargement Surgery

Built to raise the size of breasts which are little or underdeveloped (or enhanced the look of deformed or non-proportional chests), breast enlargement is sought as the top alternative for girls eyeing larger, fuller, and better woman flowers. Surgery is probably the most used process.


Each implant comes using a great silicone rubber. As discussed together with your surgeon, the size as well as kind that is perfect for you will likely be based on your breast augmentation targets.

A couple of the most famous breast implant types comprise:

1. Implants filled. All these are full of sterile saltwater and could be pre-filled into a desirable size. Nevertheless, they are often filled for the surgeon to do any minor change that is needed during surgery in order.

2. It’s projected that in the near future, additional forms of fillers might be accessible due to medical and technological progress. The business also asserts that surgical techniques applied to boost breast size are continuously being refined to enhance dependability and procedural security.

When it comes to incisions designed to set breast implants in place, they are able to be produced either underneath the breast, over the crease, inside the armpit, or around the low border of the areola. For instance, among the benefits of a saline-filled implant is the fact that merely a tiny incision is required. This is after being added because it’s full of saltwater. Normally a less-than-an-inch incision is created underneath the breast (just over the crease) where it’s barely noticeable. Another normal place for incision is around the lower border of the areola.

There are several items to remember. For one, breast implants AREN’T guaranteed to last an eternity. This implies that you might need additional surgery later or sooner to correct leakage or another aesthetic problems.

Also, routine MRI scans may be needed by you, as well as your implants may hinder in breastfeeding that is appropriate. On the monetary front, breast implants may not be covered by your insurance – this just ensures that you might need to invest extra cash for follow up screening or breast surgery that is corrective.

To be able to raise breast size, nevertheless, your options are not any longer limited to breast implant surgery. There are lotions and breast enlargement pills which were encouraged and widely employed for natural breast enhancement treatment for girls, notably as they give you a roll of secondary advantages like better pain management during menopause and PMS. Study well to get the best choice for you personally.

Is It Really Possible To Get That Great Body Shape?

Breast Implants Dr Tavakoli

Every woman would like to have the perfect figure, and one of the main contributors to a great figure her breasts. In case you feel your breasts are too small, you might consider having them increased for a better body proportion. Breast implant surgery is a popular surgery that will allow you to get the breast size you desire. If you have had a loss of volume on your breasts due to pregnancy or weight loss, the surgery will help to restore the volume, giving them a good shape. The surgery is also used to reconstruct the breasts incase of breast removal due to cancer treatment.

Types of implants

The type of implant that will be used will depend on the breast size you desire, the anatomy of your breasts, how elastic and thick your skin is and your body type. The two main types of breast implants are saline implants and silicone implants. Saline implants are made from a silicone packet filled with sterilized salt water. They offer a uniform firmness and shape to the breast and are safe since the saline is easily absorbed by the body in case the packet leaks.

On the other hand, silicone breast implants are made from a silicone packet filled with elastic silicone gel, and they offer the feel of natural breasts. If the implant leaks, the gel usually remains in place in the packet, and the implant will not collapse. With these implants, it is recommended that regular visits to the doctor be taken to ensure the implants are okay. This can be done using ultrasound.


Breast Implants Dr Kourosh TavakoliBreast implant surgery is done using either local or general anaesthesia. The cosmetic surgeon will usually make a cut under the breast or in the armpit. The surgeon then makes a hollow space in front of the chest muscle under the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle. The implant is then placed in the hollow that is created. If it is a silicone implant, the packet is filled before it is inserted, but with saline implants, they can be pre-filled or filled during the surgery to the required size. Once the implants are placed correctly, the cuts are stitched and dressed.

During recovery

After the surgery, you will have a tube placed on the wound to drain any excess fluids. You will experience swelling, some numbness and pain or discomfort. Your surgeon may put you under antibiotics to avoid the wound getting infected. You may need to wear a special bra to support the breasts during recovery and you may be able to resume work within one or two weeks depending on your doctor’s instructions. However, you will need to stay away from vigorous activity until you are fully recovered.


It is important to identify a qualified surgeon who will guide you during the whole process. Dr Tavakoli has been administering breast implants surgery for a long time and has the expertise to give you specialized treatment so that you can achieve the results that you hope for.

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